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Trishann Couvillion

Trishann Couvillion


PEMF Provider

Trishann Couvillion PEMF Provider
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Trishann Couvillion is a PEMF Provider here in Asheville, NC. After a bad auto accident where she was hit by a semi-truck and other vehicles, her health suffered drastically for years.


In 2019, she discovered PEMF and after very quickly realizing great results for her chronic pain, she knew her new mission was to help others dealing with all types of chronic pain and illnesses. PEMF stands for Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequencies and can be used in tandem with all wellness modalities to help clients achieve optimal results for circulatory and cellular function, among many other benefits. 

Trishann is the only Certified Pulse PEMF Provider in Asheville NC. 



  • Certified Pulse PEMF Professional

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